Actress. Speaker. Presenter. Coach.

Who I am

British born Frankfurterin, professionally trained actress with 25 years of stage and film experience. My pedagogic and coaching career has run in parallel and developed into unique and effective voice and presentation training available in english or german language.

Whether in the role of director, performer, coach or mentor, I consistently deliver a high professional quality.

What I offer

Clients looking for coaching in voice and performance can visit me at my studio venue in Frankfurt. More details below.

To book me as a speaker or actor, more information can be found in the "Vita" &  "my skills and work" tabs.

Since Corona, I also offer specialised training in virtual communication skills (Zoom and Co.) and speech skills for masks.

"Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently."

Maja Angelou




I offer workshops and individual coaching to:

  • Business Professionals - to enhance the dynamism of the spoken voice in everyday interactions both live or virtual: meetings, presentations, seminars, TED-Talk, interview.
  • Aspiring performers - to prepare for competitive entry into full-time theatre education. Professional performers looking to refresh their skills and casting repertoire.

My clients' career paths are influenced by their performances on their own individual "stages".  Specifically, the ability to use vocal and physical presence to motivate, entertain and inspire an "audience" is a key personal success factor in any business. 


current clients: